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About the photo above: This was taken in Australia. It was a stroke of luck by which I spotted a beautiful white horse just besides the road and across a fence in a farm. I took the MultiStrada as close to it as possible by switching off the engine and hauling it, lest I scare it!

About Mission: Red Planet

This ride will see an Indian motorcycle photojournalist, that is me, (or The MotoGrapher to keep it sweet and simple) ride from Dubai to Italy by road (of course, since a roadtrip!). The motorcycle used is the fantastic Ducati MultiStrada that I will be swinging my legs on in Dubai (a special thanks to Ducati Dubai!).

The complete route with tentative dates is here and here is a short video with me explaining a bit of my ride plans.

The ride itself will focus on my experiences, which I will share by primarily using photographs on the blog , on my Facebook and xBhp's Facebook.

This may not a humongous ride in the sense of number of kilometres or the preparations involved, but as an individual self, a motorcyclist, it is the next step forward which will probably give way to more exhilarating riding experiences. The ride was a brainchild of someone in Ducati, who saw my photos and commitment to the red brand and decided to invite me to the World Ducati Week 2012. The only condition being that I had to ride down from India on one of their Ducatis! It was once in a lifetime opportunity to work with one of the most passionate brands on planet Earth, and how could I say no! After many roadblocks and a lot of planning later, I am happy to be writing this as I prepare to leave for Dubai. The initial plan was to ride from New Delhi to Italy, but thanks to a few lines on the paper (read: a political map), me as an Indian on a motorcycle would have had to plough the deepest ends of our Earth to go through Pakistan, our neighbor, and then Afghanistan.

One day I hope that this world will be like one big country where our children will be amused at the kind of 'issues' we had to deal with while crossing borders on a land which was supposed to belong to everyone when god created it. But then it's all in the fun!

So here we go, hoping for the best, and hoping minimal paperwork/border/mechanical/psychological/physiological issues. I will start from Dubai on May 19th and try to reach the World Ducati Week in Misano, Italy on 22nd June. I hope I can inspire a few people to ride out and record their travels in a way that pleases them as well their current audiences!

Here is where this ride and I feature in the scheme of things for the WDW 2012.