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About the photo above:
This was a timer enabled self shot taken somewhere in Australia. Yes I had pressed the button and run a few metres to take an about turn just in time the camera clicked! Was late in the evening on a very long day of around 500 kms.

It's not a bike, it's the bike: The Ducati Multistrada 1200 T

Futuristic, fast, adaptable, ravishingly photogenic. A Ducati. These are the worlds which sum up my dream ride for me. The first time I rode the new MultiStrada was on the Maharashtran country roads in South West India. It blew me away. I narrowly missed a chance of riding the MultiStrada on my first brush with Ducatis in 2010, on The Great Italian Roadtrip.

Since then I have ridden the MTS in Australia and again in South India for the Shell Advance Riding Wonders finale.

The power characteristics of Multistrada 1200 T are designed in a configuration that delivers a smoother and more user-friendly throttle response. Active safety is already available with the advanced ABS system  but in Touring mode it is further enhanced by increasing DTC intervention to a level specifically intended for a relaxing ride, and, on the “S” version, the suspension automatically dials-in a setting ideal for long distance journeys, ensuring maximum comfort for both the rider and passenger and making every mile an absolute pleasure.  Characterised by the ABS and DES by Ohlins systems, the “S” Touring edition focuses on comfort and cargo for long-distance travel with handy heated grips, 57 litres of stylish side luggage and a centre stand for practically.


Technical Specifications can be read here.

Some really cool Ducati Apparel can be seen here. To individualize your Ducati check out some accessories here.


Additional Gear and Accessories that I and the Bike will be shod with

  • A termignoni slip-on can
  • Handlebar bag
  • Side panniers
  • Rear top case rack
  • pillion comfort seat and rider backrest
  • centre main stand
  • a Ducati riding jacket
  • Ducati (Puma) riding boots
  • Ducati helmet
  • Ducati Gloves
  • A TomTom or Garmin GPS