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Namaste, Hi, Ciao, Salut, Selam, Zvjo, Salaam, Zdravei, Szervusz!

My real name is Sundeep Gajjar, but most people call me Sunny. If you ask me, I would like to be called as the MotoGrapher, since that handle describes what I do – ride motorcycles (sometimes drive cars) and take pictures.

My excuse to ride to do photography. My excuse to do photography is to ride. They go hand in hand.

First, here is a short video intro from me:

It was back in 2001 when I got my first two-wheeler, a scooter. An accident on it made me progress to a two wheeler with a much better CoG (Center Of Gravity) – a motorcycle.

Since then, by happenchance, I also founded India’s largest motorcycling community and portal at xBhp.com. In 2010, xBhp came out with it’s national print magazine on lifestyle motorcycling too.  

From 2006, I have been doing roadtrips around different countries and motorcycles. A brief ride-O-graphy can be seen on my personal website.

I consider myself very lucky and fortunate to be in a ‘job’ that is also my passion. I credit this to the rare mixture of the right kind of people and environment in my family, friends and the various corporates that have understood my passion and commitment towards producing better quality photos on my rides whilst nurturing xBhp.

My personal goal and desire, or fancy if you may call it like that, is to become one of the ‘best’ motorcycle and car travel photographers internationally. What do you mean by ‘best’? I don’t know, it’s just in my head and it’s just something I want to DO.

Ducati has been more than a bike to me. It is like my family. It has treated me as part of its own. Never spoiling me, but always motivating to do better and achieve more with a motorcycle and a camera. They make bikes, which are a delight for both the motorcyclist and photographer in me. No two ways about that one.

Here are some photos that I took of a few Ducatis in my previous rides. My aresenal this time includes the fantastic new Canon 5D Mark 3, a backup body in Canon 5D Mark 2, Canon 100-400mm, Canon 14mm, Canon 70-200 f2.8, Canon 24-105, a Canon Speedlite with remote trigger and a GoPro.

On a personal level, I hope that I am able to complete this journey to the World Ducati Week and live up to the many expectations that I am subjected to – the companies that have understood me and xBhp – Shell Motorcycle Oils, Ducati, Tudor and Lenovo. The most ‘pressing’ expectations come from my friends and motorcyclists in India who follow xBhp and my travels. I feel I have a responsibility of doing each ride successfully and to the best of my ability for them, and for India.

I will need not only luck, but also your best wishes for this endeavor. Please leave your message here. Or if you are on Facebook, please add me to keep yourself updated of my rides (with a small introduction of yours so that I know who you are as the first step of being a ‘friend’ in the true sense of the word.).

If you are visiting the World Ducati Week 2012, do visit my stand as well (yes Ducati tell me that I will have my own stand with my photos there!). If all goes well, I should be around there by 22nd June 3 PM, Italy time!

See you on the road someday!

My Ride-O-Graphy

Here I am only mentioning the major rides that I have done for different companies around the world. When you add that extra element of responsibility and answerability the equation changes from a personal ride to professional one. However, I have never let that come in between my riding and photography. I shoot and ride as passionately as I do on my personal rides.

2006 : The Great Indian Roadtrip : Went around India on a Honda Fireblade 1000RR : 19,000 kms

2007 : The Great Australian Roadtrip : Went around Australia on a Hyosung GT650R : 23,000 kms

2008 : The Great New Zealand Roadtrip: Went around New Zealand on a Kawasaki Concours 14

2009 : Passion HUnt : The Hunt for the Most Passionate Biker in India : Went around India on a Yamaha R1 : 13,000 kms

2009 : The Great Ireland Roadtrip : Went around Ireland on a BMW R1200ST : 2,500 kms

2010 : The Grand New Zealand Roadtrip : Went around New Zealand once more on a Suzuki BKing : 8,500 kms

2010 : The Great Italian Roadtrip : Went around Italy on a Ducati Monster 1100 : 8000 kms

2010 : The Brotherhood Ride : Went in Malaysia for 2000 kms on a BMW R1200 GS Adventure

2011 : 8 Ducatis Around India : Went half way in India on a Ducati Monster 796 : 4000 kms

2011 : Alpine Adventure : Did 5000 kms in the European Alps on a KTM 990 Adventure, KTM RC8, KTM SuperDuke, BMW S1000RR and BMW F800 with a BMW Z4

2011 : Driver vs Rider Episode 1: Did 8000 kms on the West Coast of USA on a Ducati Diavel and an AMG

2011 : Los Angeles to New York : Went across USA on a BMW K1600 GTL : 7500 kms

2011 : Edelweiss Ducati Tour of South Eastern Australia : 2500 kms on a Multistrada 1200

2011 : Ducati Diavel and AMG SLS 63 in Australia : 1000 kms

2012 : The Grand Indian Roadtrip : Went around India on a Yamaha FZ1 : 13,000 kms

2012 : The biggest ride of my life : Mission : Red Planet : Dubai to Misano : 9000 kms . Yet to be done.

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